How to Shop?

1. Browse at your convenience and add the desired items to your shopping cart.
2. Either choose to continue shopping or checkout to secure the transaction.
3. First timers will have to fill in the profile with a shipment address. Make sure to read our cancellation policy below.
4. We ship across Indonesia using JNE Yes with flat rates to Jabodetabek, Java island, Western Indonesia, Central Indonesia and Eastern Indonesia.
5. After submitting an order, an invoice will appear on your Account Page with the order, reference number and payment procedures. An unpaid invoice/order over 2×24 hours will expire by default.
6. Proceed payment with transfer or e-banking by submitting the last 3 digits of your reference number to the total amount to be transferred. (i.e: necklace Rp. 200.000, shipping fee Rp. 15.000, reference number 0123. Total amount to be transferred
Rp. 215.123,-). For your benefit, this is done to simplify and speed up our validation procedure.
7. After conducting payment, login to your account and click ‘View Cart’ to view the pending status and click ‘Confirm Payment’. We will immediately crosscheck incoming payment under your reference number, and your order will be shipped.

Why do I need to log in?

After your first purchase, it will help you track orders, confirm payment, and keep us in touch to secure any transactions.

How do I maintain my account?

Changes and updates on your information as well as resetting password can be done in ‘My Profile’ menu after logging in. If a password is lost, contact us to retrieve it. (hyperlink us)

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, anything prior to purchase transaction (before confirming payment) can be cancelled. Furthermore, an unpaid invoice/order over 2×24 hour will expire by default.

Can I return a purchased item?

Yes, but only due to product defect and is unworn/unused. The item may be redeemed upon a 7×24-hour-policy after we ship the package. You will have to make a damage report along with a picture indicating the fault and send it to our mail and we will proceed accordingly. (hyperlink mail)